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The Love Frequency 528 Hz resonates at the heart of everything. It connects your heart, your spiritual essence, to the spiraling reality of the universe. Used to return human DNA to its original, perfect state. increased amount of life energy, clarity of mind, awareness, awakened or activated creativity, ecstatic states like deep inner peace, dance and celebration. It activates your imagination, intention and intuition to operate for your highest and best purpose. 


528Hz is essential to the geometry of circles and spirals consistent with DNA structuring and hydrosonic restructuring. Scientific studies advise that 528 Hz has the potential to positively affect cellular water clusters to assist in removing impurities to prevent sickness and disease.


Our Sound Crystals™ Healing Music is composed, performed and recorded for you with ultimate love by our award-winning master music makers here at Sound Crystals™.


Find a quiet place to meditate with your Sound Crystals™ and Sound Crystals Music™. Encourage the living matter in you to raise the frequency of your body and promote health, vitality and spiritual enhancement. Transform your brain and relieve mental, emotional, and physical suffering. Use our vibrations to retune the frequency of your mind, body, and soul to resonate optimally with the earth and the electromagnetic fields of the universe.



528 Hz: Love & DNA Repair

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