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Clear Quartz Sound Pendulum: Wisdom + Clarity + Manifest


The Clear Quartz Sound Pendulum is used for wisdom and clarity. The most powerful healing and energy amplifier, raising energy to the highest possible level. Enhances psychic abilities and attunes to one's spiritual purpose. A master healer. A pendulum works by tapping into your intuition and sixth sense. The pendulum acts as a form of receiver and transmitter, from your higher guidance, guardian angels and spiritual teachers.


Clear Quartz is a power stone for amplifying and transmitting whatever energy you need most. It's adaptable and resonates with whatever your intention and needs are at any given moment.


Meditate with your clear quartz sound pendulum, connecting to the chambers of your heart and opening the door to a deeper appreciation of yourself. Carry it with you so you may surround yourself with its power. Place it in your home to cleanse and elevate the energy of your space, or use it in a crystal grid to multiply the energy of your other crystals. A universal healer, it links to all chakras to provide balance and harmony.


By elevating your thoughts and perspective with a Quartz Sound Point, you will be able to manifest your intentions like never before.

Clear Quartz Sound Pendulum

  • Clear Quartz Sound Pendulum

     • Wisdom + Clarity + Manifest •


    Sound Crystal for sale is the exact one pictured.  


    Size: Quartz Crystal - About 1.5 inches

    Pendulum Chain - 8 inches

    Weight: .5 oz


    Every Sound Crystal is unique from the earth and one of its kind. Each varies in shape, color, and inclusions. Cleansed and charged with pure love & wisdom. 


    *Please make note of the size measurements.

    All sales are final.

  • Clear Quartz is sensitive to chemicals, abrasives, heat, acids and ammonia. Never use a steamer, hot water or ultrasonic cleaners with this gemstone. 


    Sound: Charge it with your Sound Crystals playlist so you may both vibrate at your optimal frequency.


    Salt: Lay your pendulum on a bed of sea salt overnight to draw out the negative energies.


    Sunlight & Moonlight: Let your crystal soak in sunlight or moonlight once a month for a deep cleanse. 

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