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Mini Red Banded Agate Sound Heart: Nourish + Restore + Balance + Strength


Our Mini Red Banded Agate Sound Heart is part of our Private Select Collection at Sound Crystals. It’s an important gemstone for healing, used as healing amulets for Neolithic people dating back to Babylon, Ancient Greece and Egypt. It stimulates growth and renewal to the mind, body, heart and soul. ⁣

Physical healing properties of Red Banded Agate are helpful to the digestive system and hollow organs like the stomach, intestines and uterus, providing calming and soothing vibrations. It allows you to go with the flow especially during difficult times. It promotes protection, encourages stability, enhances physical strength and balances positive and negative emotions. It helps you laugh. It reduces negative energies, encourages creativity and helps you truly appreciate yourself.⁣


Meditate with your Mini Red Banded Agate Sound Heart, connecting to the chambers of your heart and opening the door to a deeper appreciation of yourself. Carry it with you so you may surround yourself with its power. Place it around you so that it circulates calming and positivity-filled vibrations throughout your space. However you work with these pieces, may they remind you of the strength and power available to you. 


Mini Red Banded Agate Sound Heart

  • Mini Red Banded Agate Sound Heart

    • Nourish + Restore + Balance + Strength •


    Size: 1" inch •  About the size of a quarter

    Weight: .25 oz


    As every Sound Crystal is unique from the earth and one of its kind, each one varies in color and inclusions. Cleansed and charged with pure love & wisdom. 

    One will be chosen for you.


    *Please make note of the size measurements. 

    All sales are final.

  • Sound: Charge yourself and your Sound Crystals with your Sound Crystals music so you may both vibrate at your optimal frequency.


    Red Banded Agate is sensitive to chemicals, abrasives, heat, acids and ammonia. Never use a steamer, hot water or ultrasonic cleaners with this gemstone. 


    Water: Red Banded Agate can be immersed in or held under cool running water to clear energies.


    Sun: Keep your Red Banded Agate in indirect sun as prolonged sun can lighten the color of your crystal. 


    Moonlight: Charge in moonlight once a month for a deep cleanse.


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