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Raw Yellow Citrine Sound Geode: Positivity + Protection + Manifesting


Citrine is said to be the vitamin C of the soul because it resonates with joy and positivity. It gives you a feeling of a sunny day making you feel optimistic about life. It chases away negativity and projects light into our lives. It rejuvenates the body, soul, and mind, giving glowing love.


Citrine’s bright and happy energy fills your spirit with positivity and the highest vibrations, clearing any blockages or imbalances in your solar plexus chakra with its sunny energy. This makes a Citrine crystal ideal for a variety of intentions, including happiness, confidence, manifestation, and wealth. Project your intentions into the stone and the crystal will absorb your desires, dreams, hopes, and transform them into reality.


Are you looking for the light at the end of the tunnel? Are you in search of a crystal to uplift your spirit and bring more positivity and happiness into your life? Are you working on attracting wealth and success, but need a boost of confidence to go after what you want? The light-filled energy of a Citrine crystal is just what you need. 


Keeping this stone close will help you keep your environment and your energy feeling sunny and bright. Filled with positive energy, you can more easily connect to your inner light, as well as bring a sense of optimism to your endeavors. 


Meditate with your citrine sound geode, connecting to the chambers of your heart and opening the door to a deeper appreciation of yourself. Place your sound geode around you so that it circulates protective and positive-filled vibrations throughout your environment. However you work with these pieces, may they remind you of the power that’s available to you. 

Raw Yellow Citrine Sound Geode "Light Maker"

  • Raw Yellow Citrine Sound Geode

    • Positivity + Protection + Manifesting •


    Sound Crystal for sale is the exact one pictured.  


    Size: About 2 inches

    Weight: 2.9 oz


    Every Sound Crystal is unique from the earth and one of its kind. Each varies in shape, color, and inclusions. Cleansed and charged with pure love & wisdom. 


    *Please make note of the size measurements.

    All sales are final.

  • Yellow Citrine is sensitive to chemicals, abrasives, heat, acids and ammonia. Never use a steamer, hot water or ultrasonic cleaners with this gemstone. 


    Sound: Charge it with your Sound Crystals playlist so you may both vibrate at your optimal frequency.


    Water: Yellow Citrine can be immersed in or held under cool running water to clear energies.


    Sun: Keep your yellow citrine in indirect sun as prolonged sun can lighten the color of your crystal.


    Moonlight: Charge in moonlight once a month for a deep cleanse.

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